Jason Bailey is film editor for Flavorwire. His work has appeared at The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Slate. He is the author of books on 'Pulp Fiction,' Woody Allen, and Richard Pryor.

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The Atlantic

Quentin Tarantino Is a DJ - The Atlantic

Twenty years ago, Pulp Fiction unapologetically sampled and remixed film history. So why did it feel so original?

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The Atlantic

When Spike Lee Became Scary

The director's movies aren't actually that incendiary, but media's reception of 'Do the Right Thing' 23 years ago created an unfair image that persists today.

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The Atlantic

In Movies With Nudity, What's the Line Between Ogling and Art ...

In 'Killer Joe' and 'Compliance,' voyeurs are villains. But doesn't the camera turn everyone into voyeurs?

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The Atlantic

Film Culture Isn't Dead; It's Just More Fun

Critics proclaiming the end of art cinema are missing out on the way 'Pulp Fiction' inspired a generation to rethink the distinctions between "high" and "low" movies.

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The Atlantic

'Nashville' in Paris: The Quintessential American Film, as Seen Abroad

On July 4, in France, I felt just how well Robert Altman captured our national character.

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The Atlantic

To Get to 'The Master,' Paul Thomas Anderson Needed Adam Sandler

The director's style has changed dramatically since Boogie Nights, and the turning point may have been Punch-Drunk Love.Boogie Nights, Punch-Drunk Love, and The Master (New Line / The Weinstein Compan...