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Jason Bailey

New York, NY
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Jason Bailey is film editor for Flavorwire. His work has appeared at The Atlantic, Slate, Salon, and the Dissolve. He is the author of books on 'Pulp Fiction,' Woody Allen, and Richard Pryor.

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Cecilbdemented article
Lynch, Waters, Soderbergh, and the Death of Mid-Budget Cinema

While we weren’t looking, the mid-budget adult-oriented motion picture has all but disappeared. And the gifted directors behind them are in danger of disappearing as well.

Physical media article
The Premature Death of Physical Media

Yet in the face of the overwhelming trends and depressing statistics, a handful of home video distributors are still fighting the good fight – serving that underserved minority by hanging on to a seemingly outdated medium.

Open uri20130628 20786 11fpnwg article
Richard Pryor's Most Fascinating Movie Is a 13-Minute YouTube Video

The most riveting footage ever captured of the comedian was shot on the set of Stir Crazy, his biggest box-office hit. But it was nothing that made into that film, a formulaic buddy movie; indeed, it is doubtful that the film was seen anywhere except on the Internet, all these years later.

Lead article
Quentin Tarantino Is a DJ - The Atlantic

Twenty years ago, Pulp Fiction unapologetically sampled and remixed film history. So why did it feel so original?

2015 01 06t01 36 53 866z  1280x720.video 1067x600 article
The real story behind the 'Selma' controversy

The real story behind the 'Selma' controversy | MSN...

Blue collar 2015 article
Book Excerpt: "Richard Pryor: American Id"

It’s a fairly apt description of most of his film work from the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies: barely present and utterly wasted, on hand merely to provide a shot of “soul.”

Open uri20131202 25288 1wppr4n article
Read an exclusive excerpt from "Pulp Fiction: The Complete Story Of Quentin Tarantino's Masterpiece"

20 years after Tarantino changed indie filmmaking forever, Bailey looks back at his breakthrough movie to reconsider what made it so brilliant and so important.

Primary woodyallen article
Book Excerpt: The Ultimate Woody Allen Film Companion

We're happy to present an excerpt from Jason Bailey's "The Ultimate Woody Allen Film Companion," now available in stores and online.

Detail.2b72a44f article
Soderbergh: The Wilderness Years / The Dissolve

His admirers came to regard the post-Sex, Lies, pre-Out Of Sight wilderness period as some kind of bad dream, a wandering walkabout by a talented filmmaker who’d lost his way. But that nine-year, five-film stretch is far too interesting—and too formative—for such tidy dismissals.

Pam article
The Enduring Appeal (and Unfortunate Novelty) of Pam Grier

What was it that made Pam Grier so special — and has made her endure for so long?

Magic1 article
Woody Allen, ‘Magic in the Moonlight,’ and the Elephant in the Room

Ninety-nine percent of the writing about Woody Allen in the past year was rooted in that story. And now we were all being told to pretend like this ubiquitous scandal never happened.

Avatar bios article
Inside the Weird World of Twitter's Celebrity-Impersonating "Parody" Accounts

In the past, if you wanted to be a celebrity impersonator, you had to bear a resemblance, invest in wigs and costumes and makeup, and put together an act. Nowadays, all you need is an email address...

140918 tv cosby clairefeminist.jpg.crop.promo mediumlarge article
The Other Huxtable Effect

Thirty years ago, 'The Cosby Show' gave us one of TV’s great feminists.

Stations article
Home Movies: Watching New York City Transform on Film

Films like 'Taxi Driver' and 'Midnight Cowboy' and 'Shaft' and 'Pelham 123' and 'The French Connection' aren’t just great, atmospheric New York movies; they’re accidental documentaries, capturing a specific moment in our city’s history that is long, long gone.

Inside out1 article
Let’s Talk About the One Bad Scene that Kept ‘Inside Out’ From Greatness

Inside Out is wonderful - except for one scene. That scene. You know the one.